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Someone like you ♥
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'Sometimes it lasts in love but sometimes it hurts instead'

Someone like you is very special, and someone like you too difficult to have ♥

Now, when your voice begins to play in my head i allow the syntax, and flow the unravel. Syllable by syllable you stretch into infinity, but i find that even you pulled apart is beautiful. I can't afford to think like that. There are first loves, first lover, first husbands, and a lot of things in between. Then, there are men like you. So untouchable and so wounderful. You were not a first, and even though my heart so greedily envisioned you as my very last you will not be that either. I breathe for you hungrily like the second before landing, i hold out for you like ending notes of a ballad. This isn't bitterness, gentle heart. I'm not lonely for yours. It takes too much out of me to long for someone like you. I once told you that i knew why i had being single for so long, and i knew why no one ever meet up to expectation. "I take the best in someone and i build it to be so much more, it makes the most imperfect person the perfect person for me. It allows me to be content with whomever i make him the one only for me." And you told me how you'd spend the past couple months doing the same thing. Of course i was hinting about you, and although i am an avid over-reader i get the feeling you mean too. Enough, I give up. I give up on you specifically, no, not the symbol you stand for, not the loveliness that you are the token of. But i give up pining away for you. One night i spouted Adele lyrics at you after i asked you to come and meet me for a cup of coffee and you declined. Never mind, Ill find someone like you. How accurate, how simple, you'd say if you read this. Someone like you, someone with all the good parts, because you are not mine.

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Mimie's :)

Assalamuaikum, Well hello :P Here , I am the girl that can satisfied , whose searching for something that not even there . I judge people to easily from my first impression . I maybe a BITCH but atleast I am honest . NOT trying to please you or make you smile :DD HAH HA , LOL ! I won't mess with your head or play with your heart , because I am a real girl and I finish what I start .

사랑 ♥

Cen,you've got a smile that could light up this whole town :) . .


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